What to Expect

We’ve developed this list of what you can expect from our team when you become a client.
It’s our commitment to each and every client because they are what matter most.

Your Needs Come First

  • Your time is valuable, so we always start with your concerns and questions in meetings before we get to ours.
  • We don’t limit the amount of time we spend talking about your financial needs and goals. Our meetings are structured around your needs and we’ll take as much time as we need to be sure you’re comfortable and confident in your decisions for the future.
  • As an independent advisor, we are committed to objective guidance and putting your best interests first.


Trust is Central to Our Relationship

  • We get to know you like family, building trust as we become more familiar with each other. We’re an open book – ask us anything you want to know.
  • You can expect complete confidentiality from our team – nothing you share with us leaves our office.
  • We are committed to a collaborative approach – we make sure you understand the decisions that need to be made, what your options are, answer all your questions, so you feel confident in deciding on a solution that’s best for you.


We Look at the Big Picture

  • Think of us as the quarterback of your financial life – we consider all the plays and players before sharing recommendations.
  • We work with your other advisors – like your estate attorney and accountant – to make sure your financial plan works like it should with your estate plan and from a tax perspective.

If this sounds like what you want from a financial advisor, contact us to set up an appointment. No obligation, just a conversation.

Thank you!