We want you to be able to live life the way you want.

Money isn’t the end goal – it’s a tool that allows you to do the things you are most passionate about. As a financial advisor, Matt Schellman wants your money to support your passions – whether that’s educating kids or grandkids, making gifts to charities, or doing activities you enjoy without worrying about the cost. First, we determine if you’re on track financially to be able to do what you want. If not, we talk through the options for getting you on the right path.

<b>We&#8217;re not planning with the expectation that everything will go exactly right.</b>

We’re not planning with the expectation that everything will go exactly right.

We hope it will, but we also plan for the unexpected. Our job is to make sure that you’re still OK financially if things don’t go the way you want, so we look at more than just your investments. We consider things like life insurance, estate considerations, Social Security and tax implications. By looking at the full financial picture, we can better plan for potential curve balls.

<b>Understanding is the key to good decisions.</b>

Understanding is the key to good decisions.

When you work with Matt, he is your advisor, not decision-maker. You’re in control of your future, so you make the decisions. We’ll help you identify the choices you have, as well as the potential outcomes and implications of your decisions, so you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Meet Our Team

Matt Schellman, AAMS®

Financial Advisor




As a registered investment professional since 2001, Matt has always taken a common-sense approach to investing that includes proper asset allocation and risk tolerance.

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Allison Tatum

Administrative Assistant



Allison joined Cornerstone Wealth Management in 2014 in client service. She serves as a first point of contact for clients with questions, account needs and appointments. Allison has deep experience with LPL’s account management...

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